Wall Esthetics: Installation & care

In order to make your Lalegno Wall Esthetics panels the added value your home deserves, it is important that they are installed correctly. Of course you want to keep the panels in top condition as long as possible and treat them with due care and diligence. If you follow a few rules for protection, cleaning and maintenance, you will enjoy your wonderful wood for longer.

Installing a unique product of nature

Wood is a natural product. Each tree is different and has its own character and features. Natural variations in color and grading are not only normal but even desirable for the best results. Although all of our panels are thoroughly inspected before, during and after production, so we only deliver the very best of what nature has to offer, it is the responsibility of the installer to check the suitability of all panels before adapting or installing them.

In the very unlikely event that any defects are found, you should immediately contact your supplier. Wall panels that you suspect to be defective, should not be modified or installed under any circumstances. We cannot take back wall panels which were used, sawn, coloured ... or adapted in any way for installation.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the site is suitable for the installation of the wall panels and that the panels are installed correctly. The manufacturer is not liable for defects resulting from improper or inadequate installation.