Wall Esthetics: Installation & care

In order to make your Lalegno Wall Esthetics panels the added value your home deserves, it is important that they are installed correctly. Of course you want to keep the panels in top condition as long as possible and treat them with due care and diligence. If you follow a few rules for protection, cleaning and maintenance, you will enjoy your wonderful wood for longer.

Preparing the site

  • Lalegno Wall Esthetics panels should only be installed indoors.
  • All exterior doors and windows must be installed and fully operational before installing them.
  • All concrete, masonry and plastering works and other moisture-increasing activities must be carried out and sufficiently dried.
  • At least 14 days before installation (and at all times after installation) the site needs to have a constant temperature of 15-24°C and humidity level of 40 to 65% to allow for proper acclimatization.
    If these ideal conditions are not respected, can cracks and crevices can appear and eventually the wall covering can start to bend or begin to show other defects.
  • The moisture content of the wall that has to be covered should be checked using a suitable test method. The test results must be recorded.