Wooden flooring, bohemian style

One of the interior trends of the moment is undoubtedly the so-called Boho Chic, a distinct design trend inspired by the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s of the last century. Although at first sight this style is primarily about decoration, it is extremely important that you start with the right foundations to create a credible bohemian interior.

So consider beforehand which basic materials you want to use:

  • The perfect floor:

A Boho interior screams warm hardwood flooring. That’s because wooden floors add instant cosiness and are the ideal starting point for the romantic or exotic atmosphere that you want to evoke. lalegno offers so much choice of shades, sizes and styles that you are sure to find the parquet that matches the effect you had in mind.

Need more help? Then choose one of the following styles:

  1. You want a "Boho-bright" interior, a rather romantic look with lots of white and cheerful accents. Choose a white wooden floor (the 15-ABC-189-BLANCDEBLANCS-B, for example) or a floor in light oak tones. This really emphasizes your furniture, accessories and the light playfulness of your interior. Light floors also reflect natural daylight better. This makes the room even lighter.
  2. You’re looking to obtain a "Boho-exotic" style, in which you casually display the special objects that you have carefully collected during distant, exotic journeys. The robust appearance of the oak flooring from our Antiq and Barn collections is particularly suitable for this look. These distressed oak floors are often slightly darker in color, axed or hand scraped and have interesting color effects that match your style perfectly. This type of flooring brings your home to life and you can dress it beautifully with exotic carpets or funky accessories.
  • Accent walls:


Keep wall decoration simple and light at first, so that you can start with a blank canvas. You can add colours, textures and patterns in moderation. For example, an accent wall with wooden wall coverings is wonderful. Such an accent not only makes your interior more stylish, it also adds personality and ensures better acoustics.


  • Accessorize:

And once the basics are right, you can get started. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, ...

For a convincing effect, take the following details into account:

  • Choose furniture and accessories in natural materials such as cane, rattan or wood.
  • Vary and combine all kinds of textures, colours and patterns.
  • Provide soft and cosy lighting elements
  • Use low seats such as stools, ottomans and crates.
  • Bring as many green plants as possible into your home. Use pots, vases and hanging baskets.
  • Select artisan objects from all over the world to decorate your home.