Engineered wood
our passion

Over the past 15 years, Lalegno has become a quality brand of multilayer wooden flooring with international prestige. Although the story of multilayer wooden flooring goes back much further. For over 4 decades, the Labeeuw family has been working on the development of their wooden floors. With father Geert and son Jan as driving forces. With a clear vision and convinced company values. Specially for the USA market we have made a selection of the finest wooden floors, all manufactered in Europe.

Not just any
  family business


The best wooden flooring 
for a fair price

Years of experience and know-how result in a good knowledge of the market. This is how Lalegno succeeds in purchasing the best wood and can offer it to its customers at the most competitive prices. 

Sustainable wooden flooring and 
 environmentally friendly production

Lalegno floors are manufactured in Europe with respect for nature and the environment. By opting for multi-layer wooden flooring, we combine a durable top layer made of noble wood with reinforcement layers made of fast-growing wood species.

Large stock
and fast delivery

Every day, wooden floors leave our warehouses for customers all over the world. A good production policy and efficient stock management contribute to our large stock. This allows us to provide customers with their orders correctly and just in time. Order your floor in time at your point of sale to ensure smooth delivery.

Be inspired by our

endless possibilities

Project after project, we present a wide range of styles and atmospheres. Find some ideas for your home and discover the flooring or wall panel that really suits you. 


A team 
of experts

At Lalegno, you can always be sure of the best techniques and contemporary interior styles. For this we rely on a strong team of motivated, ambitious and expert staff. We continue to work on a modern, high-quality range every day. Will you soon be helping to build our range?