Brunello, a sunny glow for your home

The 14-CLASSIC-190-BRUNELLO-B is one of the newest gems from the Lalegno ROVERE collection. Earlier this year, this wooden floor was bestowed great success during Domotex, Europe’s flooring mecca. Pure logic, because, with its ROVERE flooring, Lalegno wants to prove to young home owners, builders and renovators that an affordable floor in unique oak is a sustainable choice for them.

But what makes the BRUNELLO so special? The answer is threefold. On the one hand, BRUNELLO parquet is a feat of technology. On the other hand this multi-layer flooring option has such a typical sunny atmosphere. Finally, we aim to keep maintenance easy and clear.

Technical ingenuity

The BRUNELLO is a three-layer engineered floor, composed of a support (two layers of poplar wood) and a top layer of 3mm in genuine oak. All layers are glued crosswise under high pressure. This ingenious construction ensures that the wood has an excellent balance and can even be used with the underfloor heating techniques that are so popular nowadays.

Warm colour palette

As a basis for this type of wooden floor, we use European oak with a natural look. The oak is specially selected for its beautifully finished knots and distinctive wood drawing. The selected oak wood then undergoes various beauty treatments. For example, the oak is smoked to give it a deep-warm colour, and brushed for a more weathered structure.

The result after a professional staining process and after finishing the planks with a wood oil is very special. BRUNELLO floorboards bring the sun into your home thanks to their cheerful orange-brown glow and give your interior a light and summery feel. Irresistibly beautiful!

Easy care

The oiled BRUNELLO floor is easy to keep clean. Step-by-step instructions for a good maintenance, from immediately after installation of your beautiful new floor and for many happy years afterwards, can be found on our website.

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