Top class oak    

The 15-CLASSIC-190-MERLOT-V by Lalegno is made from European oak, sturdy and beautiful. The wood has a character and a grain structure so unique that only Mother Nature herself could have designed it. For this floor in CLASSIC grade our professionals selected oak wood with authenticity and rustic refinement, characterized by beautifully balanced and perfectly finished knots and exquisite natural colour variations. Really, the piece of nature that you bring into your home when choosing for this floor, can only become even more elegant with age.

Ecologically friendly

Lalegno loves nature! Like our other multi-layer flooring, the MERLOT was made with a view to a healthy forest policy and maximal regeneration. The stabilizing construction of engineered flooring allows us to counterbalance the durable oak top layer with poplar wood, a fast-growing wood species.

Antique looks …

Because of its characterful appearance, but also due to the subtle abrasion and aging techniques used during the manufacturing process, the MERLOT belongs to the ANTIQ Collection. Small dents and scratches are randomly applied to both the board itself and the bevel in order to distress them, so it looks as if your floor has been salvaged from some old farmhouse and has successfully passed the test of time. By the way, for the MERLOT these aging techniques are applied entirely by hand.

… with modern temperament

This oak floor is smoked and then grey oiled. Thus, the MERLOT gets a modern colour palette that is wonderful to combine with country-style furniture, for example. But even if you have a soft spot for Vintage and retro elements, or if a romantic bedroom is totally your thing, this flooring provides the necessary atmosphere and cosiness. MERLOT flooring has a contemporary look that is very versatile and fits perfectly with any current interior style.

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